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4 Easy Steps to Treat Dry Skin

4 Easy Steps to Treat Dry Skin

Kinvara Skincare has perfected a range of award winning natural products that are perfect for treating and transforming dry skin. Packed with powerful natural ingredients, including Lavendar, Vitamin E, and Rosehip Seed Oil, they are super nourishing and hydrating for dry skin.

There’s also a trick to layering them to get the most out of them. Here are the steps to take;

At Night

  1. Cleanse your face using the Oil Cleansing Method with our Absolute Cleansing Oil. This is an incredibly gentle way to cleanse your skin that doesn’t strip the skin. Oil Cleansing gives a deep cleanse, getting rid of all dirt and stubborn makeup, but without the squeaky bit! Also, as it is made with 100% plant oils, there are no synthetic cleansing agents to aggravate dry skin. More plants, better results!

  2. Gently exfoliate your skin with Kinvara's Elemental Exfoliating Powder. Packed with skin loving marine ingredients, this seaweed and Vitamin C powder will gently slough away dead, dry skin cells and give your skin a smooth, soft complexion.

  3. Apply Eye Wow! Eye Serum to the eye area to add hydration and to target dark circles, fine lines and puffiness.

  4. Apply 1-2 pumps of 24hr Rosehip Serum to your face. Dry skin will literally drink up this regenerative serum that is packed with omega rich oils and plant extracts that help seal much needed moisture back into your skin.

In the morning

  1. Rinse your face with only water or use a damp cloth. There’s no need to cleanse your face again, as your natural oils will have had a chance to settle on your skin overnight. This is good! You want your skin to start using it’s own oils to add hydration back into it.

  2. Apply Eye Wow! Eye Serum to the eye area to add hydration and to target dark circles, fine lines and puffiness.

  3. Apply 1-2 pumps of 24hr Rosehip Serum. Your face should not feel sticky. If it does, then use less serum.

  4. Apply a layer of Active Rosehip Day Cream. This nourishing rich cream will help seal moisture into your skin for the day ahead. Even though it gives a matte finish, it is never drying. It contains Hyaluronic Acid which is Nature’s Wonder Ingredient owing to it’s ability to retain moisture and hydrate the skin. This powerful duo will keep your skin soft and deeply hydrated and plumped for long into the day.

It’s important that you are consistent with the routine so that over time your skin will begin to regulate itself and become less dry. What’s even better? We have 20% off all Kinvara Skincare products this week for our Black Friday Sale!

If you've any questions or queries regarding the products, please don't hesitate to contact us at

"I'm only using the sample pack of products with the last 5 days, my skin has improved in dryness and the slight acne I had also is gone. My skin has an all day hydrated feel and products smell amazing". Elaine Walsh

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