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4 Step Night-time Skincare Routine For Glowing Skin

4 Step Night-time Skincare Routine For Glowing Skin

Night time is when we get that oh so needed rest and recovery from the stresses of daily life. Sleep helps your body and mind reset, repair, and recuperate so that it’s ready to seize the day the following morning. It’s the same for your skin!

Day-time skincare is all about looking fabulous and more importantly protecting your skin from exposure to UV rays, pollution, dirt and all that other gross stuff in our environment. However, for your night-time skincare routine, the priorities are different. You don’t need to worry about rushing around to make sure you make it to your 9am meeting or getting the kids to school. You have all the time you need to give your skin the attention it deserves!

Our 3 step night-time skincare routine will help you to use your evenings wisely and wake up with healthier glowing skin every morning. Before we get into what to do, let’s discuss what happens to your skin at night.

 What happens to your skin at night?

A lot happens to your skin while you’re in dreamland, it’s called beauty sleep for a reason! There’s even been scientific studies that show sleep deprived people appeared less healthy and less attractive compared with well rested participants. It’s because without proper sleep you’re missing out on vital recovery time for your skin. 

During the night, your skin cells undergo a regeneration process where older cells are cleaned up to make room for new ones, making your skin appear younger and healthier. This process requires a lot of nutrients which is where the right skincare routine can help. 

Your skin also loses moisture throughout the night time. This is because the production of sebum from your sebaceous glands dramatically decreases in dark hours. Furthermore, you don’t drink as much (or any) water throughout the night which also leads to moisture loss. 

Finally, a lesser known night time skin fact is that your skin reaches its highest temperature while you’re sleeping. The increase in temperature makes your skin more acidic and results in drier skin. 

So, a night time skincare routine should help to support your skin’s natural regeneration process and lock in moisture to combat the dehydration that occurs overnight. 

 Step 1: Prep – wash your face

The first step is basic but absolutely essential to prep your face for your night time skin care routine. Washing your face with warm water and a natural, fragrance-free soap or cleansing oil is the best way to remove make-up, other skin products and the daily build-up of environmental pollution. Try to avoid abrasive cloths to clean your skin as they can irritate the skin. Instead use a lovely and soft bamboo washcloth to remove makeup and the residue of your cleanser.

Absolute cleansing oil


 We haven’t finished in our war against the build-up of daily toxins yet. The microfibre cloth will do a lot of the work but we need to recruit a natural cleanser to get the stuff you can’t see.

Our Absolute Cleansing Oil is dermatologically tested and is suitable for all skin types. It uses 100% plant oils like watermelon seed oil, sunflower seed oil and cedarwood bark oil which provides a gentle, chemical free skincare product that gets the job done. It will effectively remove the remaining toxins and make up from your skin in less that 60 seconds!

Cleansing should be a top priority for any night time skin care routine. With all the gunk cleared from your pores, your skin will be able to focus on cell regeneration and not the lingering day time pollutants like dust, dirt, and makeup.

Step 2: Eye Wow! Eye serum

Next, it’s time to give those eyes some love to give you that magnetic, lustrous gaze. The Kinvara Eye Wow! Eye serum has been designed to provide your eyes with the moisture it needs throughout the night. The blend of 12 plant extracts will help to hydrate the thinner and drier area of the skin underneath your eye while targeting dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness. 


Step 3: 24hr rosehip face serum

 Now, it’s important to lock in moisture across the rest of your face. The ultimate tool for this should be an all-natural serum like our 24hr Rosehip Face Serum. It’s packed full of plant extracts, antioxidants, and calming ingredients. This will help counteract the irritation from daily exposure to pollution and toxins and leave your skin feeling soothed and comfortable. 

 The main ingredient, Rosehip oil is a dry, non-greasy oil that has been clinically proven to have anti-aging effects, including the ability to lock in moisture. Just what your skin needs for the ultimate beauty sleep!

Step 4: Precious Facial Oil

Now that you’ve nourished your skin with our delightful serums, it’s time to double down on moisture locking skincare products!

A 2018 scientific analysis of the effects of plant-based facial oils found that they have a number of therapeutic benefits to your skin. They have anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties; they promote wound healing, and they stimulate the repair of the skin barrier. So, applying a plant-based facial oil just before bed will soothe your skin, fight free radical damage, and increase cell turnover rate. All of which will help your skin repair itself while you’re in dreamland.

Kinvara’s Precious Facial Oil is a balanced blend of three high impact plant oils with added Vitamin E. The first is Bakuchiol which is best described as retinols gentler sister and will stimulate collagen production to leave your skin with that plump and hydrated look. Next is Squalane, an antioxidant rich extract from olives that has anti-inflammatory properties. It acts as a detoxifier to the skin and mimics sebum to promote a healthy glow.  Finally, the addition of lavender oil makes our facial oil smell simply divine! Lavender has proven antibacterial properties which can help your skin to maintain a healthy barrier and help to reduce acne breakouts.

Final thoughts on night time skincare routines

Hopefully, now you understand a little better the importance of taking your night time skincare routine seriously. It’s your chance to give your skin the time it needs to recover from the stresses and toxins that build up over the day. As well as address anti-aging concerns by locking in that much needed moisture to combat fine lines and wrinkles.

Taking the time to work through these steps before you go to bed will help to ensure that you wake up with skin that feels nourished and looks rested.

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