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6 Ways To Be More Sustainable

6 Ways To Be More Sustainable

It’s no secret that we all wish to live a more sustainable lifestyle, a lifestyle that can help protect the earth, the environment and the future generations.

Everything you do day to day has a big impact not only in your life but on the planet, from the food you eat, the products you buy and the car you drive and even though you might think your changes will not make a difference, we assure you, they will!

In light of Earth Day, this 22nd of April, we thought it was a very good moment to share with you a couple of tips and ways in which you can live a more sustainable lifestyle. 


Sustainable living describes a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of the Earth’s natural resources, and one’s personal resources.” 

At the beginning, it can be pretty daunting to even think where to start when it comes to reducing your environmental footprint, but, when you break it down in small steps you will realise how easy it is to start and that you have more power than you thought when it comes to helping the planet.

There are many sustainable switches you can do at home and in your life that can not only have a good impact on the planet but also on your budget. 

sustainable living


Mindful consumption is basically taking into consideration the implications of what you consume, refraining from consuming just for your own good and thinking about what you consume will affect others and the environment.

The first step to mindful consumption is to determine your needs, determine what is essential in your life and will help you avoid over-consumption.
Another way to be conscious about what you consume is shopping your essential products from ethical brands, brands that are sustainable, local, fairtrade, cruelty free / vegan, brands that are committed to making a difference.

Make sure the products you consume are not only good for you but for the planet, other people, future generations and for whoever formulates, manufactures them and brings them to your hands. 

reduce plastic


Single-use products particularly those made of plastic will most likely end up in landfills and or the ocean. Plastic makes up about 18% of landfill waste, and millions of tons of it wind up in our oceans each year. A 2018 Study concluded that when corals come into contact with plastic, the likelihood for disease increases from 4% to 89%.

Plastic that ends up in landfills will usually become microplastics, particles smaller than 5mm, which poses a huge problem for the environment as they are incredibly difficult to clean.

Here at Kinvara we don’t use any plastic in your products or packaging. Our Absolute Cleansing Oil bottle is made from Post-Consumer Resin, created from recycled plastic so it’s a recycled plastic bottle made from plastic bottles that can itself be recycled into more bottles to help continuously remove plastic waste from landfills. 

Our Hyaluronic Youth Boost & Omega Rich Hand & Nail Cream tubes are made from plant-based sugarcane plastic, yes, you read that right, sugarcane! Sugarcane resin packaging captures more damaging carbon dioxide emissions during its life cycle than it emits, the fact that it absorbs one of our biggest pollutants makes it far superior to oil. Oil-based plastics require mining for oil, and this process releases carbon from the Earth’s soil, into our air. This process is a real kicker for climate change.

sugarcane plastic


This can be a really simple change with a big impact. We understand that for some people or in some cases going completely paperless is impossible but reducing your paper use can be of huge help for the environment. Where possible, ask for receipts, bills, event tickets, flight tickets and other documentation to be sent to your email. Some companies (like electricity companies) can even provide an extra discount to your bill when you sign up to receive it via email. 


When leaving home, make sure the switches you or your products don’t necessarily need are off, even if your electronics are off if the switch they are connected to is on, electricity will keep flowing through.
"Leaving the TV on standby should be a thing of the past. It wastes needless energy and really increases your bills. It’s simple: if it’s not being used, switch it off! The same applies to lights, heating and any appliance.

"Having a smart meter in the house, in clear view, is also a clever way to track which electricity sources are using the most energy. Noting this down can be an easy way to reduce consumption and your bills."  When choosing your utility provider, look for those that supply only ‘clean’ / ‘green’ energy from renewable sources. 

Using rechargeable batteries and electricity saving bulbs can also be a massive way of not only saving in your bills but also helping the planet. 

green energy


At this point it seems like we should all be really clear about how, what and where to recycle.
Recycling goes much further than just food & packaging.
There’s always small things that can be done when it comes to recycling, like using newspaper, magazine or paper bags to wrap gifts, using tote bags for your groceries, donating your clothes when you no longer need them or they no longer fit instead of throwing them away, reusing your jars to storage product and cutting up old towels, clothes, and bedding to turn them into washable cleaning rags


It’s not news that bamboo toothbrushes boomed and are everywhere (as reusable straws) and for a good reason! 

We do know that plastic toothbrushes are not single use items but, it is estimated that 3.6 billion of them are used across the world every year and 80% of them end up in the ocean.

Unlike plastic, bamboo is biodegradable, so you can use one knowing it won’t sit in landfill or the ocean for thousands of years. As well as toothbrushes you can explore by using skincare accessories made of bamboo, like our Bamboo Facecloths & Bamboo Headband made to complement your routine, we chose bamboo as it is the world’s most sustainably grown plant and it contains naturally occurring anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, also, bamboo fabric can absorb 3x more than a standard cotton fabric. 

bamboo products

These are just small things you can do in your everyday life to make a big impact!

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