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Good to Know about Kinvara Skincare

Good to Know about Kinvara Skincare


Many of our customers are vegan and vegetarian and its important to them to know that we do not use animal ingredients in our products.



Lots of our customers are concerned about animal testing and with a doctorate in animal conservation you can believe me when I say that none of our products are or ever will be tested in animals. I couldn’t imagine hurting an animal and abhor animal testing in all its forms. 



Where we think it is important for the customer and/or product we provide a dispensing pump. This ensures the customer gets the right amount with minimal wastage and mess.

Where possible we try to give our customers an indication of how much product to use for optimal results and by extension how long a product will last under average usage conditions. This will vary between products and individual preferences.  



We use glass and polyethylene terephthalate (PET/PETE) plastic in our packaging. All our components and cartons are suitable for recycling and we encourage you to reuse or recycle our packaging where possible. 



Kinvara skincare is a 100% Irish owned business. Its owned by Drs Joanne Reilly. Our products are developed by Dr. Reilly with input from consultant chemists and made to our exacting specification in a fully compliant, ISO certified Irish manufacturing plant (powdered products are currently made in an ISO compliant UK facility as there wasn’t the expertise available in Ireland for the innovative formulation and filling requirements).



All Kinvara skincare products are fully compliant with EU regulations (EC) No 1223/2009 and registered on the EU’s cosmetic products notification portal.

In addition to all the standard testing required of a cosmetic product Kinvara goes a step further and has all our products Dermatologically tested and approved. 

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