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How To Treat Rosacea: 6 Superb Skincare Tips

How To Treat Rosacea: 6 Superb Skincare Tips

If you have rosacea, controlling your flare ups and concealing your skin’s red hue can be on your mind 24/7. You have to take special care of your skin because it can be easily irritated by common everyday occurrences like the sun, hot showers or hairdryers. Even cleansers, moisturisers or makeup that isn’t sensitive enough for your skin can cause havoc.

If you’re looking to tame your rosacea symptoms, read on for some helpful skincare tips on how to deal with it!

6 tips for how to care for rosacea skin

There are several things you can do - and avoid doing - that can help to reduce the prominence of rosacea on your face. Take a look below for six top tips on what is good for rosacea skin:

1. Make wise makeup choices

Makeup can offer a helping hand at hiding signs of rosacea. However, it can also aggravate the skin and leave your face dry, irritated and even redder.

It’s best to use mineral-based, fragrance-free products as they don’t contain preservatives that can inflame the skin. Make sure to also look out for foundations that are tinted with a green or yellow base as these can help to tone down and reduce rosacea’s redness- just make sure they have a few simple, skin-friendly ingredients.

2. Use only warm water on your face

When washing your face, it’s important to only use warm water. Any kind of heat on the skin can trigger a rosacea flare up and it’s widely known that hot water can be really drying on your skin.

Stick to lukewarm water temperatures for showers and face washes and you will eliminate some preventable flare ups.

3. Get to know your triggers

It’s important for you to learn your triggers. From alcohol and spicy food to stress and caffeine, there’s a lot that can cause your rosacea symptoms to worsen.

Keep a diary and write in it when your rosacea is particularly bad to see if you’ve done anything or consumed something that day that could have caused it.

It’s also crucial to learn which skincare products work for you, which often involves trial and error. Ingredients such as vitamin C and antioxidants are known to be particularly good, so look out for skincare products with these included.

In terms of a diet, there is no set meal plan that will get rid of your rosacea but as a general rule, following a healthy diet, not smoking and drinking little alcohol will all help your chances at soothing your symptoms and calming a rosacea flare up.

4. Use SPF - every single day!

The sun can make your rosacea a lot worse and is one of the main and most common causes for a flare up. By using a light facial sun cream every day, you can help to protect your skin from this kind of irritation.

As your skin is much more sensitive to UV rays than others, make sure you layer on the good stuff even on cloudy days. Just check that you’re choosing the right kind of sun cream, so nothing too thick or heavy, and an SPF at least 30 or higher. 

5. Don’t use harsh face cloths or sponges

Scrubbing your skin with a face cloth or sponge will cause even more redness and irritation, which is something that you definitely don’t need.

The best way to avoid flare ups is to use a soft face cloth to wash your face and the gentle touch of your fingers to apply a serum, moisturiser or cleanser.

You should also use soft cotton towels to lightly pat your skin dry instead of rubbing your face. This helps to prevent stinging, burning or further aggravation and allows you to treat your skin with the gentle care it deserves.

6. Use hydrating, gentle skincare

Whilst we’ve listed a couple of things for you to do and not do to avoid flare-ups, you might be sat there thinking but what actually helps reduce rosacea redness? The answer: good skincare!

It’s really important to read the ingredients before you buy anything for your skin if you have rosacea. You want to avoid products that have alcohol, fragrances, glycolic acid, SLS and opt for skincare products that are both gentle and hydrating on your skin.

Customers with rosacea using our 24 Hour Rosehip Face Serum have told us that it was helpful in managing their skin. It has a concentrated formula of ingredients rich in omega oils, vitamins and antioxidants that themselves can help calm redness and reduce irritation. This serum is super hydrating and leaves skin glowing post-use.


If your rosacea symptoms are severe, make sure to go see a specialist who can help you to plan the best course of action.

Dermatologists can create personalised treatment plans specific to your symptoms and we would always advise seeking medical help when necessary.

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