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Our Story - Kinvara Skincare

Our Story - Kinvara Skincare

You know all our range and its benefits, the ingredients we use and what our customers have to say after using our products but do you know the story behind Kinvara Skincare?


My name is Joanne Reilly & Im the owner-founder of Kinvara skincare  

I’m an idealist and with Kinvara that means I want to give my customers the best - I want our products to make a difference in their lives

My background is in science, I’ve a degree in natural sciences from Trinity College Dublin and a PhD from Manchester Metropolitan University, as well as a post graduate diploma from the National University of Ireland in Community Development.

I set up Kinvara 10 years ago because I was frustrated with the products available to me. They either didn’t work or made things worse, were very expensive or didn’t reflect my values – sometimes all of those things!

Up to that point I was lucky, in that my skin had always been relatively trouble free but lifestyle changes, stress and physical changes after I came back from fieldwork in Sumatra and again after the birth of my first child left my skin reactive and tricky to manage.

I was lucky in that I knew what to do to help myself. I’ve a doctorate in tropical ecology, working on endangered species, like elephants and rhinos. Fieldwork to Sumatra and earlier expeditions to Mauritius showed me how local people turned to plants as a natural resource, a natural apothecary. So I was very confident that plants held the solution to my skin problems and with that belief in mind I set about making products for myself.

10 years on I’m making products for myself & 1000’s of happy customers all over the world.


You need to know what is in your product, simple as that. It should come as no surprise that our products are really loaded with plants, plants and more plants. That’s because plants are natural, well tolerated and give great results.

Each Kinvara formulation contains ingredients rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, minerals & amazing active ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Those are the building blocks of all Kinvara products. We source the ingredients primarily from plant extracts in different forms as well as minerals, clays and seaweeds.

“One of the things that makes Kinvara skincare so effective is not just that we use plants extracts but that we use such a high % of plants extracts, effectively making Kinvara products ml for ml some of the most plant powered products on the market today”, Joanne Reilly PhD, Kinvara skincare founder

In fact our products are largely composed of edible ingredients, in some cases 100% (warning these products are for topical use only and are not to be ingested).

There are lots of plant extracts and natural ingredients like clays and minerals in our products. Our customers are really interested in what’s not in our products so to that end we can tell you that our products do not contain the parabens, propylene glycol,  mineral oils, synthetic colours, synthetic fragrances, gmo ingredients or silicones amongst others.  

Many of our customers are vegan and vegetarian and it’s important to them to know that we do not use animal ingredients in our products.



“Lots of our customers are concerned about animal testing and with a doctorate in animal conservation you can believe me when I say that none of our products are or ever will be tested in animals. I couldn’t imagine hurting an animal and abhor animal testing in all its forms.”- Dr. Joanne Reilly (Founder & Owner)


Where we think it is important for the customer and/or product we provide a dispensing pump. This ensures the customer gets the right amount with minimal wastage and mess.

Where possible we try to give our customers an indication of how much product to use for optimal results and by extension how long a product will last under average usage conditions. This will vary between products and individual preferences.  

We use glass and polyethylene terephthalate (PET/PETE) plastic in our packaging. All our components and cartons are suitable for recycling and we encourage you to reuse or recycle our packaging where possible. 


Kinvara skincare is a 100% Irish owned business. It is owned by Dr. Joanne Reilly. Our products are developed by Dr. Reilly with input from consultant chemists and made to our exacting specification in a fully compliant, ISO certified Irish manufacturing plant (powdered products are currently made in an ISO compliant UK facility as there wasn’t the expertise available in Ireland for the innovative formulation and filling requirements).

We are also delighted to announce that we’ve recently become part of Guaranteed Irish, an organisation that awards the Guaranteed Irish symbol to indigenous and international companies operating in Ireland which provide quality jobs, support local communities and are committed to Irish provenance. When assessing an applicant for membership, Guaranteed Irish looks at three core criteria; jobs, community & provenance.

As a Guaranteed Irish business, we are supporting jobs in our community and as a result of supporting us you are reducing the carbon footprint making Ireland an all together better place to live and work. We truly believe our brand is made by our amazing and thriving community so we are delighted to now be part of this amazing movement and commitment.

Here at Kinvara our mission is to serve women, by creating for them the best natural products, to care for their skin and feel good, everyday.

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