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Radiant Rejuvenation: Exploring our Precious Facial Oil as a Plant Based Alternative to Retinol. 

Radiant Rejuvenation: Exploring our Precious Facial Oil as a Plant Based Alternative to Retinol. 

In recent years, the beauty industry has witnessed a surge in demand for natural skincare products that really work. Consumers are increasingly seeking alternatives and are turning their attention towards plant-based formulations that offer effective yet gentle solutions. 

Here’s where our Kinvara Skincare Precious Facial Oil comes into play. Our remarkable facial oil is a plant-based alternative to Retinol, offering numerous benefits for the skin without the potential drawbacks associated with traditional Retinol products. 

In this blog post, we will explore our Precious Facial Oil, its key ingredients, and its benefits for your skin.

First of all, let's look a little deeper into Retinol and Its Limitations: 

Retinol, a derivative of vitamin A, has long been celebrated for its ability to promote cell turnover, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve overall skin texture. However, traditional Retinol products can be harsh and potentially irritating, causing redness, dryness, and flaking for some people. Furthermore, Retinol is derived from animal sources, making it less appealing to those seeking cruelty-free and vegan skincare options. It isn’t recommended during pregnancy and sun exposure should be avoided after application. 

Kinvara Skincare Precious Facial Oil is a plant based alternative to Retinol: Our gorgeous Facial Oil, allows you to enjoy the benefits of retinol, without the potential downsides. This innovative facial oil is formulated with a blend of natural ingredients carefully selected for their rejuvenating properties, making it a gentle yet effective addition to your skincare routine. Leaving your skin firmer, clearer, calmer, nourished and velvety soft.



Throughout the 2022/2023 award season …Precious has been awarded 8 awards from these fantastic Awarding bodies, Free From Skincare Awards 2023 Rude Health 2023 Awards Beauty Bible 2023 Awards Editors Choice at the Beauty Shortlist 2023 Awards Global Green Beauty 2022 Awards Naturally Good Health Awards 2022, RSVP Beauty awards 2022. 


Key Ingredients in Kinvara Skincare Precious Facial Oil:

  1. Bakuchiol: Bakuchiol is a vegan skincare ingredient, it comes from the seeds and leaves of the Babchi plant: Like retinol it helps to increase collagen production & cell turnover, as well as reducing the appearance of lines & wrinkles. It's much kinder to the skin than retinol and it’s suitable for sensitive skin.
  2. Squalane: comes from the olive plant. It's a lipid produced by your own skin cells, however the amount naturally produced reduces with age. It mimics your skin’s natural oils, making it an excellent emollient ( An emollient softens/ soothes the skin,they provide a film that helps to trap in moisture). It also has natural antioxidant properties, protecting your skin from free radical damage. Free radicals exist in our environment and it’s near impossible to avoid them, they cause damage to your cells and tissues and accelerate the ageing process so incorporating antioxidants into your daily diet and skin care routine is a definite must and as luck would have it the Precious Facial Oil is packed with antioxidants. 
  3. Another key ingredient is Lavender, also known as Lavandula Augustifolia (Lavender) leaf oil. Lavender is extremely gentle and soothing on the skin, and smells incredible. This fabulous skincare ingredient not only smells wonderful but can help reduce acne and slow the signs of ageing on your skin and helps to protect the skin by strengthening the skin's natural barrier. So it made complete sense to incorporate it into this innovative formula. 

Benefits of Precious Facial Oil:

  1. Gentle and Non-Irritating: Unlike traditional retinol products, Kinvara Skincare Precious Facial Oil is gentle on the skin, minimising the risk of irritation, redness, and flaking.
  2. Natural Radiance: The blend of plant-based ingredients in this facial oil helps to restore radiance and improve overall skin texture, giving you a healthy, luminous complexion.
  3. Anti-Aging Effects: The potent combination of Bakuchiol and Squalane, as well as antioxidant rich Vitamin E provides anti-aging benefits by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.
  4. Suitable for all skin types (if using for the first time please do complete a patch test first). Precious Facial Oil does contain essential oils, Lavender and Rosemary, for anyone who may react to essential oils in skincare. 
  5. Vegan and Cruelty-Free: Kinvara Skincare is committed to providing Natural and ethical skincare solutions. Precious Facial Oil is entirely plant-based, making it an ideal choice for those seeking vegan and cruelty-free skincare options.

Incorporating Precious Facial Oil into Your Routine: To reap the maximum benefits of this award winning plant based alternative to Retinol, follow these simple steps:

  • Dispense 3- 5 drops from the pipette into your hands and inhale deeply
  • Massaging onto your cleansed face. Use on its own or over Kinvara's moisturising serums and creams.
  • This is the last step in your self-care routine, so take as long as you can to enjoy the experience, this is your time. Inhale and savour the calming Lavender fragrance and it sets you up for a restful night's sleep. 



Thank you for joining us on this exploration of our Precious Facial oil.

Why not embrace the beauty of plant-based skincare for yourself and witness the transformative effects on your complexion. Here’s to healthy radiant skin and a more sustainable beauty journey.

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We hope you love it as much as we do!

The Kinvara Team x

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