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Sloe Gin Recipe

Sloe Gin Recipe's Sloe Gin time of the year! Sloes are at their best during October to mid-November so get picking now! Here's a great Sloe Gin recipe we uncovered from Wild and Free-Cooking From Nature by Cyril & Kit O' Ceirin to help get you started. Just think about having a delicious Gin tipple in time for Christmas. And it makes the perfect gift for any of your gin buddies! Enjoy!


500g/1lb Ripe sloes

340g/12 oz Golden caster sugar

750ml/1.5 pints Gin


  1. Most experts would recommend wiping the sloes or washing them to get rid of wild yeasts.
  2. Whether the berries have been exposed to frost or not, prick them with a needle or fork.
  3. Half fill a jar (Kilner jars are ideal for this purpose) with sloes and add about the same weight in sugar as of fruit. Castor sugar is to be recommended as it dissolves easier.
  4. Fill up to the top with gin and cap tightly.
  5. Add a few drops of almond essence if desired or it is a good idea to add a few skinned almonds after a couple of weeks.
  6. If it's difficult to get your sugar to dissolve, even by vigorously shaking. Try turning the jars upside down every day or so.
  7. Leave in a reasonably warm place for two to three months.
  8. Some like to strain well ( through thick flannel or doubled muslin) but others like to eat the fruit while drinking the gin! They say it even gets better if matured longer….
  9. Then sit back and enjoy the gorgeous pink liquer! Some people like to drink it like a Hot Toddy, by adding 50% boiling water to tone down the sweetness.


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