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True Skin Story with Laura Cooney

True Skin Story with Laura Cooney

1. What is your age range


2. What is your skin type? 

I have combination skin. My t-zone can get quite oily while the rest of my skin can feel dull and dehydrated.

3. What are your skin concerns? 

I have had really bad acne in the past and occasionally suffer from breakouts

4. Has your skin always been tricky/combination? 

As briefly mentioned above, I had really bad acne from the age of 16 until about the age of 24 so I’ve never had good or clear skin.

5. What triggers your skin condition?

Hormones were probably the trigger for my acne as my condition remained the same even when I changed my diet.

6. Had you tried many other products to treat your combination skin prior to using Kinvara? Yes. I lost count of the amount of brands and products I used over the years to try and clear my acne and it’s fair to say none of them have worked like the Cleansing Oil

7. What Kinvara Skincare products do you use? 

The Absolute Cleansing Oil.

8. What is your Kinvara skincare routine? 

I use the Absolute Cleansing Oil every night to take off my make up and to clean my skin. I suffer from breakouts etc when using products such as tan so I also use the Cleansing Oil as a mask as such to treat my skin. I leave the oil on for a few minutess to help soothe and repair the skin.

9. What are the pros o f the products? 

Affordable, effective and natural.

10. What difference did you notice in your skin after using Kinvara? 

My skin felt nourished and repaired.

11. How soon did you notice a difference in your skin after using Kinvara?

Immediately I noticed how bright and smooth it made my skin look. After about 3 months my acne started to slowly disappear, with comments from others about the difference in my skin. My acne completely cleared up within 6 months of using the oil.

12. What do you love about using the Cleansing Oil? 

It feels AMAZING on the skin!! A little goes a long way to take off your make up also.

13. In your opinion, does the cleansing oil remove ALL traces of makeup effortlessly, even stubborn mascara? 

Yes, although it is beneficial to double cleanse, I don’t need to after using the Cleansing oil.

14. How does your skin feel in the morning after your nightly cleanse with the cleansing oil? 

My skin is always plump and bright in the mornings, something I’m still getting used to seeing!!

15. What tips would you give to someone else using the product? 

Use a small amount of product at first and use more if needed. A little really goes a long way. I’d also recommend using like warm water when wetting your face cloth as I helps melt the oil even more so on the skin ensuring every bit of make up comes off. Another bonus, it will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

16. How long have you been using the Cleansing Oil? 

I have been using the Cleansing Oil for over a year and a half now.

17. Do you think it offers value for money? 

Completely, I never have to repurchase a bottle before the 3 month mark of use.

18. Is it very important that the products are all natural? 

Yes, since I’ve started using Kinvara Skincare it’s made me aware of what I’m using on my skin. I’ve made the change to all natural skincare and the difference in my skin is incredible.

19. How likely are you to recommend the product to a friend?

Very!! I give the Absolute Cleansing Oil a 10/10. When I reached my 20s and still had acne it was really disheartening. I thought that my skin would never improve and then I discovered Kinvara.

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