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What is Safflower Oil And Why Is It Good For The Skin?

What is Safflower Oil And Why Is It Good For The Skin?

With more people taking a deeper look into what they consume and put on to their bodies it is no surprise that natural products and skincare has experienced such a meteoric rise. Safflower seed oil is the latest plant ingredient gaining momentum within skincare companies as a favourable ingredient of choice thanks to its extensive list of benefits for the skin.

why is safflower good for the skin

What Is Safflower Seed Oil?

Safflower Oil is extracted from the seeds of a Safflower Plant, known for its bright yellow and orange flowers.

Safflower Seed Oil or 'Carthamus Tinctorius', is a natural oil containing active ingredients that can help you to care for your skincare woes. 

Safflower oil may  be used topically in certain skin care products and cosmetics due to its moisturising effects. The oil can help give your skin a smoother appearance and make it softer.

Safflower oil has some unique features that help it stand out from the rest of the crowd. Safflower seed oil is one of a very few oils that, as a stand-alone ingredient, has a beneficial fatty acid composition for the skin, but what are some of its most impressive benefits?

What Are The Benefits Of Safflower Seed Oil?

We have compiled some of our favourite reasons why we think Safflower Seed Oil deserves a spot in your vanity or on your skincare shelf.

1) Research suggests it has antioxidant benefits.

2) It contains Vitamin E, known for its potent antioxidant properties which makes it a great line of defense against free radicals, one of the biggest contributions to the reduction of collagen in the skin which leads to premature ageing.

3) Safflower oil is a natural source of linoleic acids which is thought to help maintain the integrity of the outer layer of your skin.  

4) Safflower oil a noncomedogenic, which means, it will not clog your pores

5) Delivers moisture to the skin as it has a high concentrations of omega-6 fatty acid that allows quick absorption without leaving a greasy consistency to moisturise the skin. 

Where Can You Find Safflower Oil?

Now you probably want to know where you can find it? Well, fret no more, with all these benefits we made sure to include Safflower Oil in one of our best sellers, our Active Rosehip Day Cream.

Our Day Cream is a multi award winner and is the perfect natural face moisturiser for all ages and skin types, including oily, sensitive and dry skin. As well as the many benefits of Safflower Oil (Carthamus tinctorius), we have also packed it with hydrating Rosehip Oil and Hyaluronic Acid which has wonderful pro ageing properties. The combination of natural and active ingredients means this ordinary jar contains an extraordinary natural moisturiser. 


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