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We Live Here

We live in Kinvara. It’s a tiny village on the extreme west coast of Ireland, in the county of Galway, picturesquely situated along the stunning Wild Atlantic Way and on the edge of the Burren landscape. 

At last count (2011) there were approximately 1400 residents excluding increases during the summer when we have the odd dry day and one of our 2 festivals, celebrating the Cockoo and the Galway Hooker boats and that allowed traditional trade between neighbouring islands. There’s a lovely blend of long established families and newly arrived ‘blow ins’ from other counties or other countries. Lots of characters and lots of musicians! 

Its 40 mins from Galway City in one way & 40 mins from the Cliffs of Moher in the other.

Being on the edge of the country, which is itself on the edge of Europe does influence what we do in Kinvara – it makes you very outward looking, open to and curious about what lies beyond and questioning of everything. 

The stripped back landscape and fresh clean air, encourages you to go to the root of things, to consider whats important and whats not, be that in your life or a product we’re working on. It encourages us to conceive fresh clean green formulations, designs and practices.

Our place is important to what we do.

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